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My career in floral design started in 2003 when I began working for an independent flower shop in Edmonds, Washington. I started my own business in 2009 and have been doing floral arranging for weddings and special events ever since.

I do floral design because I love working with flowers and being able to use my skills to bless others. For this reason, I charge considerably less than the typical florist. For a free consultation or even just a chat, email me at


Anthera Floral is Melissa Pack (formally Melissa Cushman Floral Design)

anther : the pollen-bearing part of a flower

anthēra : a medicine made from flowers

Melissa Pack

My connection to flowers, funny enough, began at birth, when my mother named me Melissa—which means “honey bee.”

When I was 17 I got my first job as a florist at a tiny flower shop in my hometown of Edmonds, WA. Since then, my love of flowers has grown into a passion for seeking joy, beauty, & healing through floral design.

Clients have described my aesthetic as organic, effortless, and whimsical. My work is inspired by the way flora naturally occurs and thrives in the wild. I love how various elements of nature work hand in hand—from the honey bees connecting flower to flower—to the foliage and vines reaching longingly toward the sun—all parts coming together to create beautifully structured chaos.

In 2010 I started my own business in Seattle and have been working in floral arranging for weddings, events and retail in the greater northwest ever since.

As a designer, my dearest hope is to combine my experience and expertise with your vision—together creating a floralscape that adds an element of fresh, natural botanical beauty to your wedding, event, occasion, or product shoot.

For a free consultation or estimate for your wedding / event, use this form and I'll get back to you soon. You can also order flowers for delivery in the greater Seattle area here.

Anthera Floral is licensed and insured.


Flowers for a Cause

Giving back is an import value at Anthera Floral, so we partner financially with the Ugandan-based nonprofit LeadMinds Africa. They work to develop young leaders through education and life skills. To learn more about their work, visit